Are you over paying 

property taxes?

Join thousands of home owners who have successfully reduced their property tax. Let Datamontic do the work so that you can save. Datamontic will review your property to identify the tax savings.
Save on property taxes
How Does It Work?


Identify Your Property
Simply provide your property address. No forms to fill out, promise!


We Find The Tax Savings
Datamontic identifies the tax savings in an easy to understand Value Estimator report. 


You Lower Your Taxes
Use your Value Estimator report to complete a one-page application with the LA County for tax reduction.
Datamontic helps you save
To reduce your property tax, the Los Angeles county requires two comparable properties that sold for less than your home’s tax value. Datamontic's Value Estimator report will include two comparable properties that sold recently and a detailed comparison with your home. You can use this report to reduce your property tax.
The last date to file an application with the Los Angeles county is November 30, 2019. Hurry!
It's Easy
Simply use the Datamontic report to complete a one-page application. Send this application to your appraisal district. See a completed sample application along with the Datamontic report.
You can do it
Tax attorneys and agents charge hundreds of dollars in fees. Datamontic provides you the information you need so that you are empowered and don't feel stuck.

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